Art with Whimsy and Flair

Through These Eyes

 It is a different world where I live.  One where all things are possible.  One where whimsey hums and upside down thinking is right side up.  Where imagination, laughter, and fun dwell.  

     Growing up in rural small town Indiana, I quickly realized that the ideas and wonders that roared through my mind were a bit “out there”.  This was farm country where frugality and a tilt toward no nonsense was the unwritten law.

     One of my earliest realizations of this fact occurred on my fourth Christmas.  My prized gift was the coveted 64 pack of crayons(complete with the coveted built-in sharpener)!  The grand pooh bah of the Crayola world.  My cousins and I wasted not a second in livening up the mundane pages in our coloring books.  Invariably, however, we  wanted the same color crayon at the same time.  Quiet frustration quickly escalated to vocal protests.  Just as quickly, a solution popped into my wee brain! I began to systematically break each and every crayon in two.  Problem solved!!  

     Alas, my glee was short-lived as my mother got a glimpse of my deed and let out a shrieking sound that resembled my name.  For reasons still unknown however, she, upon hearing my explanation, did not punish me.  She just gazed puzzledly at me for a second, turned, and said nothing.

  I learned three things that day:  different doesn’t mean wrong, tragedy is in the eye of the beholder, and keeping the peace is a good thing. 

     And so it goes... mishaps are magically transformed into masterpieces, mistakes blossom unexpectedly in fresh beauty, and broken pieces hold exciting new possibilities.

    Welcome to my world~

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