Art with Whimsy and Flair

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"All Dolled Up"

37¾" X 26"
Who can't use a little "help" now and then? This mirror has all those special powders, perfumes, and polishes for a prettier you! Each beauty aide has its very own holder, making this piece of art as functional as it is fun. A beautiful spray of delicate porcelain roses crowns this fun piece which includes miniature antique vases, teacups, butterflies, and hearts.
"Key to my Heart"
24" X 30"
This romantic work features hearts, vintage jewelry, cherubs, and extremely rare green anagram letter tiles on wood. Delicate antique floral china patterns and custom colored grout in a pastel yellow complete this piece expressing affection.
11¾" X 31"
Alive with red, white, and blue this mosaic spotlights our wonderful country, the United States of America! Patriotism is proudly displayed using familiar images of Americana such as flags, cherry pie, baseball, an eagle, and Mount Rushmore. Also included are various items bearing the Official U.S. Seal, a lucite Lincoln penny paperweight, and assorted vintage letters from five different board games, many of which are no longer produced.

“Ripened to Perfection”
21¾" X 13¾"
Like love that grows and matures with time, this piece combines images of grapes, berries, and other fruits known for improving with each passing day. The custom lilac-colored grout unites assorted objects including antique china, vintage earrings, pins, and broaches. Also present are highly sought after letter tiles from a 1980’s Scrabble-like game called Red Letter Game.


“Just Rosy”
16¾" X 12¾"
Spring and its lovely garden treasures are found in this charming composition, as there’s nothing like the sweet scent of the first blossoms following winter. Included in this work are fragments from English and German Transferware, select bits of old baubles, and a lid from a lady's powder jar.


“Yahoo for You!”
14" Diameter
This piece incorporates fragments of antique English Flow Blue China dating from the mid to late 1800’s, German porcelain, vintage jewelry including an enamel butterfly, hard to find blue letter tiles, and other assorted tesserae. Its message is a gentle reminder to us all that each one of us is, indeed, amazing!

"Game's On!"
10¾" X 2½"
Featuring Monopoly hotels and tokens, dominos, checkers, Legos, dice, and chess pieces, this plaque recalls games for the child in all of us. An eager beaver, impatiently awaiting his turn, playfully nudges his opponent on. The composition is edged in sage green and creamy yellow.
"Hoosier Daddy?"
10¾" X 2½"
A play on words, the Indiana term "Hoosier" takes on another meaning as this work asks who is your
spiritual Daddy? Letters from games no longer produced, antique china, and a pair of delicate hands complete this thought provoking piece. 
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