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"TEXAS-'Nuf Said!"
18" X 36"
Spoken like a proud (and rightfully so) Texan, this work features momentos from the Lone Star State including a prickly cactus, a hand-forged lucky horseshoe, pieces of vintage souvenir plates, a cowboy hat, large brass key, and the University of Texas' mascot symbol. The mirror frame is grouted in a deep terra cotta color and edged with gold, black, and white tiles. Such a theme is flexible and can feature any state you desire.
"Remember When?"
31" X 16½"
This piece of functional art is a commissioned coffee table which takes the viewer on a walk down memory lane as it recalls the various states the client has called "home" and his childhood nicknames from days gone by. In this way, fond memories can accompany him wherever his future path may lead. As with the artwork featuring Texas, any furniture can be tailored to include symbols of whatever hobbies, interests, or milestones of one's life.
"Ocean Dreams"
33" X 24"
Images of gentle waves on a boundless crystal blue sea come to mind as marine creatures of all kinds secretly dance underneath. Twin pink seahorses from the 1950's, vintage jewelry, dolphin, lobster, starfish, and brilliantly colored schools of fish dot the border of this light blue grouted mirror. Like the ebb and flow of the endless ocean current, this piece imparts a sense of peace and calm.
24" Diameter
The playful banter between two people goes 'round and 'round in this work as each attempts to one up the other in their profession of love! Numerous antique tesserae such as yellow, pink, and green china- including some edged in 14 karat gold, vintage jewelry, delicate porcelain roses, hearts, and flowers encircle the mirror. This piece is finished with a light pink grout and hard-to-find red lettered Scrabble tiles.
"Eclectic Fireplace"
Consisting of five panels, this whimsical fireplace surround and hearth brings a smile to the heart. If features a wealth of objects including a harmonica which belonged to the client's son as a young boy, flowers, antique china, a shell from St. Maarten, the lid to the family's heirloom sugar bowl, geometric elements, butterflies, sun catchers, and antique porcelain gloved hand extended in welcome. Upon each new glance, previously unnoticed objects appear among the myriad of keepsakes. Construction took place in the studio, and the pieces were then installed upon completion.
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